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Viareggio-AccommodationYou can choose between 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments which you share with other international students like you. It is ideal for those who enjoy contact with other students from different parts of the world and for those who want to enrich their experience.
The student flats have all the basic facilities: a bed, table, chair and a wardrobe. Each student flat has a fully equipped kitchen. You share the kitchen and the bathroom with the others. Single or double rooms are available upon request.
All apartments are located a short distance from the school, shopping facilities and beaches.


You can choose between a One-star-Hotel, Two-star-Hotel, or Three-star-Hotel. It is ideal for those who enjoy to be served breakfast in the morning and do not like to be responsible for the cleaning of their room.
One-star-Hotel are cheap. Students will be staying in small Hotels in a friendly atmosphere. Accommodation includes double room with wash-basin, bed & breakfast. If you book Hotel accommodation we can also offer you half board facilities which includes breakfast in the Hotel and dinner in a nearby Italian restaurant. The Hotels are located within a reasonable walking distance from the school, shopping facilities and beaches.


Viareggio-Accommodation On request the school can reserve for you a residence or a mini-flat or can inform you about the camping possibilities nearby.


Staying with an Italian family is an excellent way to sharpen-up your language skills in a real-life setting. Not only will you be able to practice your Italian outside of the school setting, but you will experience 1st hand the lifestyle of an Italian family and gain knowledge of their traditions and culture.