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Combine learning Spanish with volunteering and helping out the community! Programs start every Monday. Minimum period is 4 weeks. Normal period is 5 to 8 weeks 

Options available: included

Street Kids - Fundacion Don Bosco del Nino (based in Merida).

venezuela-plusDon Basco is a very well known charity organization. which helps street kids. At Don Bosco school. The aim is to find good families and homes so these poor children can start a new life. You will be fully involved in the organization. You can help with everything from cooking sports coaching and organising your own extra activities with the children such as English lessons, German lessons, football coaching, art and music classes. This is a great 'hands on' program, and the opportunity to really help to change individual's lives.

Zoo / Aquarium

Zoo / Aquarium - Chorros de Milla Zoo (based in Merida).
You will work with wildlife can choose underwater activities at the aquarium or wild animal life at the zoo. You can also accompany our vet, Phillipe, out to help rescue animals.

Warao Indian School in the Orinoco Delta (Jungle!)

(program starts in Playa Colorada, and then you travel deep in the Orinoco Delta jungle.to volunteer at a very small Indigenous Indian school. This School was started up to give the poor Waro Indian children a better chance to integrate into our society, and also to teach them their own Warao culture. You will assist local teachers in the daily activities and lessons. In addition students are expected to help out in the lodge in the evenings. Please realize  that this is a remote location and full of indigenous Indian encounters. However, you accommodation is very nice! For this program you take 2 weeks of Spanish prior to the volunteering. There is no Spanish lessons while in the jungle


ABANSA (based in Merida) is a charitiable organization for assisting abandoned children which It has a Christian focus and aims at helping children who live in poverty and often subject daily to mistreatment and sexual abuse have better options and opportunities so that they can become more adjusted and contributing adults.
"Jakera Club" (based in Play Colorada). We work closely with the local community and carry out joint projects that give direct benefit to the locals. Projects have included tree planting to prevent erosion, marine conservation, building a volley ball court, organizing games and events. It is fun, rewarding and a great way to integrate and work together.