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Spanish ‘plus’ travelling classroom in Venezuela

venezuela-plus-travellingVenezuela Spanish Schools’ award-winning, ‘travelling classroom’  program is a fantastic combination of learning Spanish and adventure travel. Learn Spanish as you experience what is like to live and travel in one of the most diverse countries in the world. Venezuela boasts Caribbean islands, sandy beaches, tropical jungles, mysterious mountains and ancient indigenous cultures. Playa Colorada if one of Venezuela most beautiful beaches and our lodge here acts as a base for your exciting expeditions and also for learning Spanish

The program does not require a great level of fitness. You only need t enthusiasm and a zeal for adventure. The Spanish ‘plus’ travelling classroom program includes jeep safaris to the amazing Gran Sabana, hiking  to the top of mysterious Tepuy - Roraima (known as the Lost World), sea kayaking between stunning Caribbean islands, exploring by kayak the exotic Orinoco Delta Jungle. Expeditions will allow you to meet the indigenous Warao and Pemon Idndians, as well as incredible wildlife You can choose from an 8, 12 or 24 week program.

Our  Venezuela Spanish School was has been a finalist for Best Spanish Schools worldwide, most innovation program (Our very own Travelling classroom), and best volunteers program.