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venezuela-accommodationThe Posada is where most of your classroom based language learning will be provided. Renovated in 2003, the Posada provides bright and comfortable accommodation, classrooms and recreational space with a beautiful covered terrace.
This is a pseudo home stay in a small Posada that is run by a Venezuelan family that also lives on the premises. The family only speaks Spanish, so it will be great to practice! Meals are to be taken with the family. This is a perfect mix of the freedom of having your own place, and all the cultural and learning advantages of having a home stay. There are 6 student rooms, and students will normally share with one or two other students.

Playa Colorada
You stay right by a beautiful beach in the heart of the Mochima National Park. Everywhere there are palm trees, endless sand and the opportunity to snorkel and swim to your hearts delight.
Your accommodation is a magnificent 'Chawata' style traditional lodge with many open , communal areas and eyecatching tropical gardens. You will share rooms and you get to choose from sleeping in a bed or sleeping in a specially designed sleeping hammock.
Spanish classes are also taken at our Lodge.