University Credit

Earn Academic Credit for your Study
Abroad Program

You can earn academic credit for your study abroad program at a number of our language Schools
Our students have successfully acquired academic credit in the past by attending our study abroad programs in the following locations:

Spanish Schools

Italian Schools

French Schools

German Schools


Please note that academic credit for your study abroad program is subject to approval from the American University at which you are currently studying. It is therefore extremely important that you confirm with your college that they will accept transferable credit from the language school you wish to attend before you apply.

We are normally able to provide examples of academic transcripts for your study abroad program should your Study Abroad Department wish to see these before approving your program. Many of our language schools also have existing agreements for the transfer of academic credit with other American Universities/Colleges.
If your University/College does not already have an agreement with one of our language schools, it is often  possible for your college to award credit via another University in the USA which already has an agreement with one of our language schools.

Important Information for obtaining academic credit

 1 Before arranging your program you should contact your Study Abroad Advisor to find out the requirements regarding study abroad academic credit.

 2 Your University may require an example academic transcript, program syllabus, or details regarding the teaching methods of our language school. You should first inform us what information is required. We will then be pleased to send this documentation either to you, or to your Study Abroad Advisor.

3 Your college in America will charge fees for the transfer of academic credit. These fees are separate to and in addition to the cost of your study abroad program. The cost of academic credit varies depending on your college and the number of credits you wish to transfer. These fees are normally payable either directly to your University or to your language school abroad. Your University will be able to inform you of what they will charge for academic credit.

4 Once you have the approval of your Study Abroad Advisor you must also ensure that all the registration paperwork required by your University is completed before you arrive at your chosen language school. You must remember to bring any documentation that your University wishes the teachers on Study abroad program to complete.

 5 Throughout your study abroad program you will be assessed by your teachers. Academic credit will be awarded provided that course work is completed satisfactorily, you attend classes, and that you attain the expected grade level for your course.

 6 At the end of your study abroad program, your academic transcript will be sent to your University in the USA for the transfer of academic credit.

 7 If you intend to apply for academic credit for study abroad programs you must make your reservation at least 12 weeks before you wish to begin your course, in order to allow sufficient time for your program to be approved by your University.