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Tokyo Prices
  2011 prices per week
Japanese Language Group x 20 lessons 74'000 ¥/3 weeks
94'000 ¥/4 weeks
Japanese Language Private x 20 lessons Contact for Details
Accommodation homestay 30'000 ¥/week
Accommodation Guest House from 62'000 ¥/4 weeks
Homestay arrangement fee
General accommodation arrangement fee
30'000 ¥
20,000 ¥

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Accommodation fees includes breakfast and dinner. All rooms offered are single occupancy.
Reservations accepted from one month prior to date you intend to take up occupancy.
Japanese language (start dates):
10th Jan- 4th Feb, 7th Feb- 4th March, 7th March - 1st April, 4th April- 29th April, 9th May-3rd June, 6th June- 1st July, 4th July- 29th July, 1st Aug- 19th Aug (August summer intensive course), Aug 29th- 23rd Sept, 3rd Oct- 28th Oct, 31st Oct- 25th Nov.