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Tokyo-Japanese-SchoolTokyo is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Tokyo is not only the capital and largest city of Japan but also the headquarters for much of the Japanese business, media, art and entertainment industries. The Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area is the largest metropolitan area in the world with over 35 million people. This size helps to create a virtual beehive of creativity and diversity of style.

In Tokyo, one can find traditional Japanese arts juxtaposed with some of the most modern technology on the planet. There are futuristic skyscrapers set next to serene shrines and temples. This blend of new and old never ceases to amaze visitors.

But with all of its size and vibrancy, Tokyo remains a highly livable, human city. Once off of the main business and shopping avenues, Tokyo quickly transforms into a series of small neighborhoods. In these neighborhoods, one can see a calmer version of the capital. A place where grandmothers tend their gardens, parents walk their children to school and people ride bicycles to and fro going about their daily routine. In Tokyo, you can choose the pace and lifestyle that suits you.

Our Tokyo Japanese Language School has been a finalists for the award of excellence for "other" language provider in years 2008 and 2009!


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