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Taormina-Sicily-Italian-CoursesWhatever dates you choose and timeframe you are working within, we have a suitable Italian language course for you. We follow the Common European Framework issued by the European Commission for language learning. We have a wide range of classes that can accommodate any level of Italian for a particular student. Our classes follow a classic European format of A1 Beginner, A2 Pre-Intermediate, B1 Intermediate, B2 Upper-Intermediate, C1 Advanced and C2 Superior.

"We are proud to announce that our Cultural Center has been awarded with the PREMIO ALLA CULTURA CITTÀ DI TAORMINA for its cultural activities (Taormina’s Award for Culture)."


Italian Language Group x 20 lessons

This interactive and lively programme is tailored towards those who want a complete language experience. You will focus on many aspects of language analysis and become involved in
activities and the communicative tasks that represent real-life situations.

Italian Language Private x 20 lessons

Private tuition is designed with a student-centred approach in mind whereby you and your teacher discuss your learning needs, strengths and weaknesses to help you get the most out of these classes. Italian Private Tuition classes are very flexible in their approach.