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Our St. Petersburg Russian School holds small (maximum 10 participants) multinational groups. Russian is taught right from day one, so your ability to interact in Russian will develop much faster. We focus on a very communicative approach to teaching making your language courses enjoyable and an efficient method of expressing yourself in real-life situations. Of course you will learn the grammar, reading and listening too. The curriculum is constructed in a logical manner, whereby revision of previously studied grammar is practiced before moving on to each new level of Russian language. Do not worry if you are unsure of your Russian language level; you will be given an assessment when you arrive to ensure you are allocated to the correct group. A minimum requirement for all group courses is passive knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet. Group courses are held from Monday to Friday with a minimum course length of two weeks. There is no maximum course length, so stay with us for as long as you wish!

Our one-to-one courses are all student-centered so you and your teacher jointly determine the content. You may specify a particular field of interest by completing our needs analysis form; this way your teacher can create a draft programme including selecting material, a study plan, and they can prepare specific vocabulary. These Russian, private courses, are very flexible as they can be held throughout the year, normally Monday -Friday. With special arrangements,, lessons can also be held at weekends.