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Sienna-plus-Italian-GastronomyOur Siena Italian and Gastronomy course combines learning Italian (normally in the mornings) with Italian Gastronomy. You will learn (and of course taste!) special seasonal recipes as well as traditional Italian and Tuscan cookery.  You will embrace Italian cuisine like never before when creating wild meat and poultry dishes and delicious torts and cakes in the winter. Fresh vegetable and meat dishes abound in the spring. Tasty fish cooking in the summer and truffles, cabbage, chestnut and mushroom dishes in the fall. Discover the art of creating traditional and Medieval cuisine by studying ancient recipes dating back to the Middle Ages!  If you wish to develop your skills in more modern cookery our ‘Pane, Pizza, Pasta Week’ will leave your mouth watering!

You will learn the true art of Italian cookery by preparing a four or five course meal. The antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno and dolce are all significant parts of the art of fine and healthy dining.  And then the time you have been anticipating the most- you will feast on the amazing meal you have just created!

Format: 20 Italian lessons per week, combined with Italian Gastronomy courses in the afternoon.
Duration: One to four weeks.
Start Dates: Any Monday

Note: We also have Gastronomy courses for professionals. Please inquire if you prefer this option.