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Sienna-Italian-SchoolSiena is the city of the Blessed Virgin and of it's symbol the "Balzana", the white and black. It's passionate and filled with culture, known and unknown, steps and alleyways of days long gone. The singular color of the Piazza del Campo takes one by surprise. In the districts, museums and oratories of the contradas, the songs of the Palio evoke ancient rituals and modern cheer, while at night the footsteps of shoes on the deserted streets couldn't be further from the peace of the green valleys, closed out of the town by the walls built hundreds of years ago, before Siena became a true city. Come and study with us and you will be immersed in Italian culture in Siena!

The school was founded in 1979 and welcomes students coming from all over the world. The premises are very well located inside the historical center of Siena and there are 20 classrooms, lounge room, library, piano, recreational room. A gastronomy department is located at the first floor with a fully equipped kitchen and a dining room where participants to the cooking sessions can taste what they have cooked.


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