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Seville-Spanish-SchoolOur Spanish language school in Seville and one of the best renowned providers of Spanish courses in Spain. Our course gives you the chance to learn Spanish abroad in Spain, combining learning the language with a study of the Spanish culture in a real life situation. Our Spanish language courses are perfect for students of all ages who want to learn Spanish for a wide variety of reasons. Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and all of Europe. It is full of Spanish culture of all kinds including music, food, nightlife, the arts and more! People love Seville and it is a spectacular place to come to learn Spanish. For the last three years our school has been a finalist in the STAR Awards for excellence in foreign language! Seville is like an explosion of color, contrast, but also successfully mixes the modern with the traditional, offering a wide range of cultural variety to cater for all tastes throughout the year: Flamenco, bullfighting, Semana Santa (Holy Week), The April Fair and the lively atmosphere in the streets due to the open and friendly nature of its people.

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