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Salamanca-Spanish-SchoolSalamanca is located in the southwest corner of Castile & León bordering Portugal. Salamanca is also one of many beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites in Spain. Salamanca is home to cathedrals, spectacular Renaissance palaces, beautiful plazas and squares and one of the oldest universities in Europe. Salamanca is an ideal site for you to study and learn Spanish. The Spanish spoken in Salamanca is said to be Spain's purest, and the city is renowned for her culturally lavish, youthful atmosphere. In Salamanca you'll walk wherever you need to go, as you enjoy this Renaissance city's graceful plazas, charming cafes and legendary, lively nightlife. Salamanca is a real university city, Spanish students are everywhere and there are plenty of places full of Spaniards. The surrounding areas around Salamanca also offer many facilities for cultural and sporting day-trips to villages, the mountains or to the many lakes. In 2006 our school was a finalist for the STAR Award for excellence in foreign language schools!

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