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Rome Prices
  2011 prices per week (Prices in Euro)
Italian Language Group x 20 lessons 390 €/2 weeks
550 €/3 weeks
704 €/4 weeks
160 Extra weeks
Italian Language Private x 20 lessons 800 €
Language x 20 Plus Discovering Italian Rome 608 €/2 Weeks
Accommodation homestay (single) 145 €
Accommodation school residence 155 €
Additional Info 70 € enrolment fee

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Start Dates (Italian Language Group)
Any Monday
Beginner Start Dates (Italian Language Private)
3rd Jan - 31st Jan - 28th Feb - 28th Mar 26th Apr - 23rd May - 20th Jun - 18th Jul 16th Aug - 12th Sep - 10th Oct 7th Nov - 5th Dec
Start Dates (Italian 'plus' Discovering Rome)
17th Jan - 14th Feb - 14th Mar - 11th Apr 9th May - 6th Jun - 4th Jul - 18th Jul
1st Aug - 16th Aug - 29th Aug - 26th Sep 24th Oct - 21st Nov

Italian Language Group x 20 lessons
All classes focus on activities that will enhance a specific aspect of a language skill or build upon your knowledge. Our teaching methods promote and develop your Italian languagehelping you to understand and producing spoken and written Italian. Communication skills are a key focus of the classes and all student-focused. This is achieved through small group sizes so everyone can practice speaking and contribute.

Italian Language Private x 20 lessons
Engaging in private lessons is great for those who wish to speed up their learning. Your teacher will be able to devise a specific analysis of your language needs. This approach is very student-centered. You may focus on specific topics and work through a syllabus you and your teacher have devised together