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Rome-Italian-SchoolRome, the Eternal city, is the heart of one of the most ancient of civilizations, and the birthplace of so many of the peoples and cultures of our time. Hundreds of writers, poets and artists of every period and every part of the world have celebrated its beauty, its color, its art and its atmosphere rich with history.
But Rome is not only a city full of monuments, palaces and museums without equal in the world, it is also a modern city, offering pleasure and enjoyment for all.
Rome is rich with history, art, architecture, music, spectacle, colours, views, tastes, life, splendid surroundings. Rome is also its people who, since ancient times, have been known for their hospitality and the pleasure they take in meeting people from other languages and cultures and sharing their culture with multitudes of others. Our school is a wonderful place to come learn Italian, we won the STAR Award in 2006 and 2007 for excellence in Italian language studies!


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