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Throughout all the centuries Moscow was occupied, burned down but always rebuilt, neither the tartans nor the third Reich managed to break the will of the city's inhabitants! Moscow city is one of the most prospering and one of the biggest cities in Europe. So come and learn Russian in this historical, yet booming city!
With around 11 million inhabitants Moscow is Russia's economic and political centre and mainland Europe's' biggest city. Everyone seems to be a winner in Moscow - or at least a wannabe winner. Moscow is a city that never sleeps - the New York of Russia - where anything is possible. It is the melting pot of a collapsed empire, both European and Asiatic. Skyscrapers shoot up like mushrooms, the city centre is being mercilessly renovated and new temples to consumerism open their portals daily.
Yet there is another Moscow, away from the Garden Ring and Kremlin. Cosy cafés, narrow alleys, hidden artists' studios and idyllic parks are as much a part of the city's fabric as the huge Stalinist wedding cake buildings, expensive fashion stores and McDonalds. Moscow is perfect to learn business Russian!
Our new school in Moscow opened in 2004 and is located in the central part of the city only a short walk from the Belorusskaya Railway Station, a terminus for trains from Berlin and Warsaw. Our Russian School premises are in the same building as the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have 10 classrooms, a library and all the latest technology (several workstations, wireless Internet, DVD etc). There are hot and cold drinks available when you need a quick break or to relax with other students.

Our Moscow School won an award of excellence at the Star Awards in 2008.


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