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montpellier-School Host Family
A host family is not a hotel with hotel services. Staying with host families requires respect from both sides since it means sharing part of a private life. You will have your own room, own key and you are independent up to a certain extend, but you will have to adapt yourself to e.g. meal times of the family and the rules of the home. Showing interest in your hosts and being open minded towards them will help you to integrate quickly.

You will benefit for your French language and also have an interesting insight into French family life as well as French culture.

We place great importance on reserving the best matching family for you. All families are carefully selected and we have the reputation for providing excellent host families.

montpellier-School Student Residences

The student residences are popular with our students, who like independent living and meeting other students from all around the world. You have your own studio including private bathroom and own kitchen or access to a common kitchen with appliances. You prepare your meals yourself or together with other students and you can also enjoy many reasonable priced restaurants and student bars close by. Most students staying at the student residence are between 18 and 30 years old, but also some older students chose this option.

If you prefer the idea of mixing with other students, going out a lot and having independence rather than integration into a local family, you should consider this option.


The aparthotels are more luxurious than the student residences and offer higher quality of accommodation and services. The aparthotels also provide studios with private bathrooms and private kitchens. This type of residence suits the more discerned student looking for independent accommodation in an upscale environment.


We can book hotels of all categories and price levels. Due to the fact that hotels are relatively expensive compared with the other accommodation offered we only recommend hotels for shorter periods of time.
Alternative accommodation

For long term student we can book (according to availability) rooms in a flat share with access to a kitchen and bathroom or furnished, independent apartments. These options are only available for long term students, minimum 3 months for a flat share and a minimum 4 months for an independent apartment.