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Malaga Spanish Plus DanceCombine Spanish with Dance at our Malaga Spanish School.  Malaga is the capital of Andalucía, which, in turn, is the centre for Flamenco. We also offer very popular Salsa dancing. This part of Spain is alive with Latin and Mediterranean dance rhythms.
Our Malaga Spanish school offers the chance for you to participate in dance classes as a part of the activities program. We have added an excellent dance studio to our on-site facilities which is fully air conditioned, has a wooden dance floor, full practice bar and mirrors.
Due to demand from our students and the tremendous level of interest around the world we offer intensive dance programs combined with our Intensive Spanish Course.
This program consists of 2 lessons each day of dance, and 4 lessons of general Spanish at your Spanish level. The course last two weeks per Dance style.
Dance Styles:
“Sevillanas” is one of the most popular dance forms of Flamenco
‘Salsa’ which comes from Central and South America and is especially popular
Start Dates
Please check for start dates. On certain dates it is also possible to combine 2 courses and make a 4 week program including both styles of dance.