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Intensive course
20 sessions per week: This consists of 4 hours per day and it covers general Spanish. We offer tuition at all levels from absolute beginners to advanced. In addition to the hours spent in class an additional 1,5 - 2 hours is spent on homework.

Superintensive course

30 sessions per week: This course is based on the Intensive Course, adding two daily, extra hours of practice and consolidation. This programme is designed for people who need to learn a lot of Spanish in a short time period.

Private one on one

20 sessions per week: This course is for people who like to benefit from the high intensity and personalized attention of individual teaching.

Combined group class and one on one

(e.g. 20 + a number of private lessons per week) This course is for people who wish to join our Intensive course of 4 hours per day and have a number of private lessons in addition to this course. First and second hour: correction of home work and introduction of new grammar and vocabulary.

Closed group course

This course is a taylor-made programme for a group of people with the same objectives and levels (students, collegues, friends, families, etc.).