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Madrid-Spanish-SchoolOur new Spanish school in Madrid opened in spring of 2008 and is located in the heart of the city’s lively Argüelles District. On foot, the school is just 5 minutes from the Plaza de España and the Gran Vía, a busy, important commercial street often called “Spain’s Broadway” for the abundance of theaters and performance venues lining its sidewalks. As you learn Spanish in Madrid, you’ll also be an easy 5 minute walk from the Plaza de Oriente, home to the Royal Palace and the Royal Theater, as well as an easy stroll from the city’s famous Plaza de Cibeles and the world-famous Prado museum. Best of all, our new Spanish school shares the building with our Madrid student residence, meaning that going to class is now as easy as waking up and getting on the elevator to your classroom! Madrid is one of the most cosmopolitan of places, combining the best of many European cities. Huge green, natural areas and a continuous flow of business people and students and pedestrians. Madrid is well worth visiting and getting lost in and using your newly acquired Spanish to find your way back! In 2006 our school was a finalist for the STAR Awards for excellence in foreign language schools!

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