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Lisbon-Portuguese-SchoolLisbon is a charming yet cosmopolitan city with a fascinating history, making it a perfect starting point from which to discover breathtaking sights and fashionable beach resorts around its coast.
From the castle, which stands magnificently on top of one of the seven hills, Lisbon is laid out before you in a fantastic view. As you stroll around, you'll find wide esplanades paved with black and white mosaics, open squares where you can buy freshly roasted chestnuts in paper cones, mazes of cobbled alleys, and steeply winding streets in the oldest Moorish quarters.

Our Lisbon school was a finalist for the award of, "Best 'other' Language Provider Worldswide" in 2008 at the STAR Awards! The school is near the beautiful Eduard VII Park, with its Cold and Hot Greenhouses, while the city is scattered with many pleasant parks and gardens. The area where the school is located is both a residential and business area, as are many of the quarters in Lisbon. Lisbon International Airport is only 15/20 minutes away by taxi or by shuttle bus. The central bus station is a short taxi ride away from the school.


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