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This program can be taken at our Beijing or Shanghai Chinese schools

Chinese-for-students-50+ Our Chinese plus Work Experience programme is a great way for you to get to a level of Chinese that allows you to work in an area of work that interests you. YOu will attend ouChinese language course first and then get the chance to practice and enhance your chinese language skills as you intern at a work placement. Not only will you gain experience in the language element of the working environment, but gain valuable knowledge about the correct customs and company cultures in China!
During the firdt part of the programme you will take 20 Chinese lessons/week foicusing on listening, speaking and conversational skills. Once you have reached an intermédiate level (normally 4 weeks) you will engage in an exiting internship for the next 2 to 6 months.

Typical work placements are general business, marketing and finance fields. Previous students ahve engaged and worked along-side companies such as, Lenovo(Shanghai)Electronics&Technology Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Millettech Information and Technology company, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Daily, Nova Networks. Once you have complete your Chine plus Work Experience course you will recieve a certifícate from our language school and your host company. Your company can also produce a statement commenting about your performance as a trainee.

Our Chinese plus Work Experince programme is only available for those 20 years or above and have finished college education.