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Granada-Spanish-CoursesOur classes there are a maximum of 6 students per class and teaching material, theory and exercises book. Also included are free extracurricular activities with teachers, which are programmed weekly which extends the time to use and practice your Spanish thoroughly. The rotation of teachers leads to an individual program with 4 lessons per day: The first 2 hours focus on specific aspects of grammar and oral practice. After the 30 minute break ('coffee time') the last 2 hours focus on oral and written activities:



Classes last 50 minutes and from 9:00 - 20:00 you can use the Internet, video, DVD, Hifi, library and study room.

Spanish Language Group x 20
This is an ntensive courses of four hours daily which works towards improving your Spanish from beginner up until advanced level. (Levels: A1 to C2)

Spanish Language prívate x 20
This Spanish Course can be tailored to meet the personal needs of the student and is very flexible in its approach. For all levels. (Levels: A1 to C2)