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granada-accommodationWe believe that the accommodation is a fundamental part of a satisfactory stay, and over the last twenty years of operation, we have been able to achieve an excellent level or student satisfaction.
Students may choose between:

  • Homestay
    Staying with a Spanish family is the perfect for those who will enjoy living and communicating with them. You will learn the live a real Spanish lifestyle, and this type of immersion will improve your Spanish greatly.

    Shared flat
    This type of accommodation is sociable and great for meeting other students from the school or other Spanish flatmates. Our Shared flat accommodation is very comfortable, and usually has two bedrooms. Kitchen, living-room and bathroom are shared with other students. The flats have a television, most have a telephones, a washing machine, bedclothes and a weekly cleaning service for the communal areas.

    Individual flat
    We offer standard and luxury flats near the school for students requiring more privacy.

    All accommodation is located within a maximum of 15 minutes walk of the school.
    In summer, all students have access to a swimming-pool.