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Granada is 55 kms from the Costa Tropical, 30 kms from the southernmost ski resort in Europe, and is also very close for many other visits on any tour of the south of Spain. We chose Granada as the home of our Spanish school for many reasons, among them, its geographical location and diversity: deserts, snow, mountains, sea, and its magical light and Moorish nights. Granada is an unparalled historical and artistic setting, the city having been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, which makes it one of the most-visited cities in the world. Granada is also a melting-pot of so many cultures which have left their mark on the city, and which we can admire in the many corners of the city. The activity of the University of Granada, which has more than 60,000 students who create the best possible atmosphere for cultural exchange is a wonderful addition to the city and it makes our students feel at home in a learning environment. Granada is for sure one of the best places to learn Spanish in Spain and you will love it here!