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German for students 50+

German-for-students-40+Our German 'plus' 50+ programme is located in the small, idyllic German town of Ellwangen. With just a population of 25,000, it is a very tranquil town nestled within a romantic and scenic landscape setting surrounded by countless lakes. The buildings of Ellwangen are unique and represent the various historical styles acting as a testimony to the town's 1,200 years of history. Slim, winding alleys guide you through the picturesque parts of the old city center. You can wonder past beautiful plazas, small shops and many street cafes. The elegant town of Ellwangen beckons all that visit visitors to explore further, discover and taste German culture and history.

Our German 'plus' 50+ programme is a two-week course of 25 lessons per week specifically catering for individuals aged 50 and over to learn the German language and experiencing the culture. The third week exclusively consists of cultural excursions to various areas of interest. German classes take place in small groups of 5 to 10 students in the morning. These class sizes are ideal for learning the language in a social content where everyone will have the chance to contribute. Afternoons and weekends are filled with excursions and visits to noteworthy cultural sites and other places of interest. These excursions are the perfect way to acquired knowledge of the German culture and to practice your new language schools in a practical, realistic and safe setting amongst your teachers and peers.

Accommodation is included as part of the package. The whole programme is housed at the Schoenenberg Conference Center, which is a comfortable and well-maintained building with modern appointments providing the perfect setting for language instruction for our target group. The Center is situated in a relaxing spot on a hill with fantastic views of the city. If you like, the city can easily be reached on foot. You have the option of choosing a room with either one or two beds. Each room has all the amenities including a private shower and toilet facilities.

This programme really is a treat for those who wish to learn the German language and have an insight into the rich cultural heritage. Every day is a perfect mix of language, culture, culinary delights and activities.
Start Dates for this programme are:

August 15 - August 21, 2010 (1 week)