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Florence-AccommodationHomestay: This is the ideal situation for students who wish to experience Italian daily life and culture and to practice the language in an informal atmosphere. Our homestay accommodation consists of younger or older couples, either with or without children, single parent families and people living alone, all types of families! Homestay accommodation offers a variety of living arrangements including a single or twin room, breakfast, half board and, in some cases, use of the kitchen.
Shared Flat: This option is for students who want to be more independent by renting a room in a flat shared with other students with this you have complete freedom and are not expected to join in family life. You can choose a single or a twin room in a totally furnished flat with 3 or more bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom to be shared with other students.
Single Flat: This option is suitable for those who want the privacy and independence of their own furnished apartment. We provide furnished studios or small apartments, for one or two people, they are of varying category and size, fully furnished with an equipped kitchen. Bedrooms and bathrooms are also provided with sheets and towels and these apartments are usually located in the city centre.