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EcuadorMontanitaaccommodationWe have our own accommodation especially for our students at the school. Our Cabanas are located in a very quiet and tranquil area, yet are just a 3-minute walk to the school, a 2-minute walk to the beach or a 2-minute walk to the center of Montañita town.
The Cabanas are spacious and come equipped with private bathrooms, large beds, hammocks and fans. There is a large communal area, big kitchen, large swimming pool, TV with DVD’s and Jacuzzi! This is the perfect spot for a beach hotel in Montanita and could be one of the best beach hotels in Ecuador!
Our accommodation has the perfect combination of a friendly and luxurious environment in a quiet location!

They are large and extremely attractive. The facilities are full with a private bathroom. We provide single or double occupancy, making the Cabañas perfect for single travelers or those traveling with a friend or couple.
Cabañas with kitchen
We have two Cabañas, a little larger than most of the others, that have been outfitted with a kitchen and appliances. These are tastefully decorated and great for a couple wishing to do their own cooking in private.

"La Casita"/Cabin-styled house
There is a large high-ceilinged Cabaña on site with a large kitchen and private bathrooms. This is perfect for those wanting space, or a family travelling with children

Shared Mini Dorm
These are large, private and quiet and with a maximum of only four per dorm allows you plenty of space. They are perfect for the traveler on a low budget! This is a great option for travelers looking for a hostel in Montanita to save money.

Alternative Accommodation
We also have several other good options close to the school and the beach that we regularly use for our students.

House near the beach
Only one is available. Less than 15 seconds from the beach, with some views from the main upstairs room. This is a very quiet spot close to town and the beach which catches nice sea breezes. One bedroom, large lounge, and huge balcony, it is a great place to relax and listen and watch the waves. It has a full kitchen and is constructed completely of wood it has the Montanita feel to it!

Home Stay
With your Ecuadorian host family you have the opportunity to be fully immersed in Ecuadorian life and culture. It is important to understand the families are quite poor and won’t have the conveniences you will be used to but your Spanish will improve dramatically as it is full immersion in Ecuadorian life. There will be flush toilet and your bed. Most often you will be roomed by yourself but sometimes you might have to share your room for short periods with another. The families are very friendly and inviting. Most families only speak Spanish, so it’s a great opportunity to really practice your Spanish and become immersed. The families wish for you to become involved in their Ecuadorian lifestyle, but they also respect your privacy. We carefully choice our families based on past student feedback and they are active members of the local community.