CSN for Swedish Students

Student aid for Swedish students.

Swedish students can take part in courses financed by the Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN).
Basic requirements for student aid for study abroad - Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN):
- The foreign school must be located outside Sweden.

- You must take the final exams for all the courses for which you seek student aid during the periods (terms) for which you receive student aid. The language course must also end with an achievement test that shows whether you pass or fail the course.

- To qualify for student aid, your course of study must be at least 13 weeks. There are no exceptions to this rule. The Spanish language course must have at least 20 hours of tuition per week to qualify as full-time.

- It is also important that the school require at least 80 percent attendance.
The Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN) has authorized the following WBLS partner schools.

Spanish Schools

Italian Schools

French Schools

German Schools