Many of our schools are recognized by the German government program Bildungsurlaub.

Based on an agreement of the German federal government of 1976, a German employee has the right to individual further education. This is a great way for German workers to enjoy learning a new language, therefore increasing their employee value, whilst also maintaining their job security and normal salary.

In theory, you have a right to 'Bildungsurlaub' after 6 months of working for a company. The duration of the 'Bildungsurlaub' consists of 5 days each year. If you prefer, you can also take 10 days in a period of 2 years. This is especially recommended for language courses. As long as the employer is informed by letter in due time, he can only reject the 'Bildungsurlaub' based on important entrepreneurial reasons. The 'Bildungsurlaub' cannot be compensated for sick leave. During the 'Bildungsurlaub' you will keep your normal salary. 

The following WBLS partner schools have been authorized to offer ‘Bildungsurlaub' programs (the German State that have made the authorization are in brackets)

Spanish Schools

Italian Schools

French Schools