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Argentina-Spanish-CoursesIntensive Course (+5 hours of culture classes)

Take 20 hours of Spanish classes per week. Either if you’re beginner or already on a advanced Spanish level – we offer courses for everyone. Just add 5 hours of culture classes if you also want to get an insight to Argentina.


Learn Spanish in one-on-one classes. Our teachers will fit the program for your needs. This is the best way to learn Spanish. We highly recommend this course if you want individual attention and learn faster. Duration of one lesson: 60 minutes.


Inmersion is ideal for ambitious students who don’t have that much time and wish to maximize their learning without losing out on all the social benefits that group classes bring. Our Inmersión course offers you the best of two courses: 20 hours of group classes + 5 or 10 hours of one-on-one classes.

DELE Preparation

This three week course is going to help you work over and improve your Spanish grammar knowledge. You will also be acommpanied by one of our teachers to the examination centre to make sure that you can focus on the test and do not need to worry

Spanish & Tango

Come to see and learn the secrets of one of the most sensual Latin This course combines 15 hours of Spanish classes with an intensive Tango program. You’re going to learn Tango on 3 hours of group classes and intense 6 hours of private Tango classes per week.