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Since 2003 WBLS has been helping thousands of people choose the best destination for them to study aboard. We are passionate about learning languages and you making the most of your experiences. But we also know that there is much more to your experience than just the classroom.  The location of the school, the area, the teachers, the support staff, the professionalism, and the extra activities on offer – all this and more is very important. That is why we love to visit our schools, and find out their strength (and weaknesses). In this way we can offer you impartial advice from years of experience. It also means that we only work with the schools that consistently have excellent feedback from past students. Some say we have the best job in the world – getting to travel, and find the top language schools from amazing places. It is, and we take this job seriously as we want YOU to have the best time possible. This is one of the reasons we deal principally with schools that have been finalists, or won STAR awards as the Best Language Schools for their language.  In fact WBLS has also been a finalist for Best Agent in its category twice, and won once! So you can be assured that we also are very professional in assisting you make the right choices.

In Memoriam
WARWICK (Waz) WHITE 1962 - 2010
Born in New Zealand and died in Hungary after competing in the World Sprint Triathlon Champs
Founder of Worlds Best Language Schools
Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Athlete and Teacher. A Much Loved Family Man
"Learning a different language is one of the best ways to learn about the World"

To see and hear the memories of "WAZ" please view below, thank you Edgar!




Here are a few of our staff, and what makes them special

Jacqui White
Jacqui is a "Kiwi" which means she comes from New Zealand. She has travel in her blood and has lived amongst other places in the UK and Fiji and is about to move to Ecuador for an extended period. Jacqui was a teacher and University lecturer before becoming involved in the international language industry. Combining an educational background with a passion for studying abroad she believes that learning another language is empowering, fun and the best way to learn about other people and their culture.

Francoise Loomans
Francoise is Waz's niece and she has just joined the WBLS team as our intern where she will be assisting Annie with inquiries and day to day operations. Francoise is learning Spanish and will travel to Sth America for the first time at the end of 2011. She can't wait for her adventure to begin!
Annie Oliver
Annie is from England and after spending an extended period living in Ecuador she is now back in her home town. She learnt French, and now is mastering Spanish. Annie has a psychology degree and had previously been a drug and alcohol counselor. After one and a half years travelling through Latin America and Asia, she joined our staff to specialize in 'plus courses'. She is multi talented being an active mountain and rock climber, mountain biker, martial arts, cook, surfer (etc etc!!!).

Jeff Rowell
Jeff is our behind the scenes webmaster. Like others on the team he has traveled extensively, mostly in Asia and for a time taught conversational English in Tokyo, Japan and T.O.E.F.L. preparation classes in North Carolina. He Graduated from the University Of Alabama with a B.S. in Computer Science, Jeff's primary online experience is with Branding and Marketing. He is a member of Big Four Firms Alumni & Professionals Global Network and a Dun & Bradstreet business member.


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