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Biarritz-French-SchoolLearn French at the Biarritz French Language School.

Biarritz is an excellent location to Learn French. Biarritz is an incredible town enriched by history, situated on the Atlantic Ocean, close to both the famous Pyrenees Mountains, and close to the Spanish border. Its beaches are magnificent, and it is one of the few places where you can surf in the morning, eat a Baguette with French cheese, and then ski or whitewater raft in the afternoon! A classic French town of 30,000 it attractions and history much outweigh its population size. Biarritz epitomizes the beautiful beaches of the Basque coast, luxury hotels, a famous casino, museums and architecture. Biarritz is a town of culture, festival, concerts and sport! Nearby are Bayonne (the culturally rich capital of the Basque Country), Saint Jean de Luz a traditional French fishing village, Hendaye (famous for its castle and beach), Cambo le Bains (famous thermal baths), and San Sebastian (equally famous historical Spanish city)
Biarritz French Language School is located right in the centre of the historical centre of Biarritz. The Biarritz French School is very close to the famous beach, and is an ideal location to visit and explore Biarritz. When you learn French at the Biarritz French School you will be involved in the 'Learning by doing' approach. At the Biarritz French School this means learning French through total immersion and classes and also participating in a enthralling outdoor, cultural and sports activities program. It may even become so natural that you will forget that it is all happening in a foreign language!


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